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**Application fees are NON refundable**

Rental Requirements


  • Positive picture ID is required for all rental applications.
  • Applications must be filled out completely by all parties over the age of 18, signed and fee paid before processed.
  • All applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee ($30 for Idaho residents and $40 for out-of-state applicants) prior to processing of rental application.
  • Approved rental applications will hold the rental unit for 24 hours, for applicant(s) to sign lease agreement, after 24 hours we will continue to market the property for rent.
  • Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old to enter into a lease agreement.
  • All units are non-smoking units and require that smoking tenants do so at least 20 feet away from all entryways and windows.

Automatic Application Denials:

  • Registered sexual predators or offenders.
  • Any felony offense can be cause for denial. However, per Federal regulations, drug and alcohol-related felonies can be waived with proper documentation UNLESS the felony was committed within the last 5 years.
  • Automatic denial for any felonies involving violence against persons or property.
  • Any criminal conviction where the applicant has been out of jail less than 5 years.
  • Any criminal offense of physical or violent nature against people or property.
  • Collection efforts filed by past landlord or property management companies.
  • Any past unlawful detainer action or eviction.
  • Incomplete or unverifiable information on rental application.
  • Discrepancies between rental application and verified information.
  • Any rental history upon which previous landlord or management refuses to re-rent to applicant(s) will result in denial.

Rental Requirements:

  • One year of verifiable residence history from an unrelated third party landlord is required or a co-signer may be required unless applicant has just sold their house.
  • Home ownership shall be verified by submittal of tax assessor’s statement or by credit report.
  • Application may be denied for evictions, damages beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on the premises, refusal to re-rent by previous landlord or a balance still owed to previous landlord.

Income Guidelines:

  • Monthly gross income must equal approximately three (3) times monthly rent.
  • If the monthly income does not equal approximately three times the monthly rent an additional one month’s prepaid rent or qualified co-signer may be required.
  • Unemployed individual(s) applications will need to provide some form of verifiable income source or pay total rent for full term of lease.
  • Tax returns, paychecks, or employer confirmation are acceptable income verifiers.
  • Roommates are jointly and severable (individually) liable for all rents due on rental unit.

Credit Requirements:

  • The non-existence of an existing credit rating may in result denial or require a lease Co-signer.
  • Outstanding bad debt(s) being reported on credit history report may result in denial, require an additional month(s) pre-paid rent or require a lease co-signer.
  • Collections on credit report may result in denial, require an additional month(s) pre-paid rent or require a lease co-signer.
  • Non-discharged bankruptcy(s) on credit report will result in denial.
  • Discharged bankruptcy(s) on credit report may result in denial or an additional month(s) pre-paid rent.
  • FICO scores under 600 will either require a co-signer or increased deposit.

Co-Signer Requirements:

  • Co-signers FICO score is no less than 675.
  • Co-signer must live and work in Idaho
  • Co-signer must have sufficient income to support a total debt service not to exceed 50% of gross (including their residence and the rental property)
  • Co-signer may not have a criminal history (crimes against persons or property, or substance abuse)
  • Co-signers income should equal five (5) times monthly rent.

Pet Policy:

  • Due to insurance costs and limitations, PPM does not allow the following types of pets in any or all of our properties:
    • Pit bulls
    • Rottweiler
    • Chow chows
    • Doberman Pinchers
    • German Shepherds
    • American Staffordshire Terriers
    • Wild dogs such as: Coyotes, Wolves, and Dingoes
    • Mastiffs
    • Akita
    • Bullmastiffs
    • Huskies
    • Presa Canario
    • Malamutes
    • Boxers
    • Any pet that has the above lineage
  • If the property owner agrees to allow a pet, the applicant will be responsible for an additional pet fee (usually$200.00)
  • Pet fee is required at time of lease signing.
  • Cats that are pets must be spayed or neutered and declawed.
  • No animal that is a pet under the age of 1 is accepted.

Please make checks or money orders payable to Prestige Property Management. Cash is no longer accepted for any reason.

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