5 Ways We Safeguard Your Property

You bought an investment property to make you money and you want the greatest return on your investment.  You care about your investment and you want the people who rent it to care about it, too. Here are a few ways that we make sure your property is in good hands:

1. We have a comprehensive application process that includes credit and background check.

We verify employment and income; and we check in with former landlords. We do not allow subletting; we make each and every adult living in the property to apply separately. This way we have the information needed to make sure every tenant meets our standards.  We do our best to make sure that the people renting will come through for you by paying rent on time.

2. We require the tenants to have renter’s insurance.

In order for a tenant to get the keys to the property, we have to have a copy of the policy. Renter’s insurance will protect you from having to pay for charges that result from tenant’s actions or negligence, or from having a tenant trying to get money from you for an unfortunate incident.

3. We do periodic exterior surveys.

We do a drive by inspection of each and every property on a monthly basis to make sure that the tenants are taking care of the lawn and landscaping, picking up after their pets, keeping trash bins off the street, etc. We will ensure that you are in compliance with your HOA CC&Rs and city ordinances and that your property maintains its curb appeal.

4. We do regular maintenance.

We have an online system that allows tenants to put in a work order for any maintenance issue; and we have an emergency line for tenants to get a hold of us during non-business hours, should the need arise. In addition, we survey the property at regular intervals to make sure the property is cared for and getting issues taken care of before they become a problem, such as deteriorating caulk around sinks, tubs, and toilets, and replacing furnace filters and smoke detector batteries.

5. We survey the property.

We perform a thorough survey of your property when a tenant moves in, are looking to renew their lease, and when they move out. We take LOTS of pictures and make notes on the condition of the property so that the tenants are not charged for normal wear and tear and also so that you are not paying for damage caused by the tenant. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our surveys speak volumes on how much we care about your property.

If you have an income property and would like more time for you and less time dealing with the headache, give us a call. We are a full-service property management company and we would like to make your life richer! 208-938-8009

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