To Lease Or Not To Lease?

Feeling boxed in is never fun. Even most mobile carriers are going with month-to-month service agreements. So, it seems that month-to-month is freedom forward and what you should look for in a rental…

But what if it’s not?

The Benefits of a Lease
You, the owner, know that you benefit from a lease because you decrease the risk of your property sitting vacant and costing you money. You are happy when your property is leased, so this part is for the person who might like to live in your property…

When you sign a lease agreement, that contract is binding. That may sound a little constrictive at first, but here is how it can work for you. You sign a legal document that says you have a place to live and the terms in the lease are set and cannot be changed. That means that even in this tumultuous market, where a lot of people are selling their property to make some money, you can ride the wave and rest assured that even if the property ownership changes hand, you get to sleep soundly in your bed in your place. That’s how strong a lease is…you get to keep your place even if the ownership changes hands. The new owner has to abide by the current lease.

Lease terms are also set, including the price; so if you sign a lease, your rent is set and will not increase for the duration of the lease. This goes for anything in the lease–parking, pets, lawn care, etc.

When you go to a month-to-month arrangement you do not have the same safeguards. Though you have the freedom to terminate the agreement, pick up and move wherever the wind blows you with only 30 days notice, the lease terms have the same fluidity. That means with only 30 days notice, your rent can go up, your pet policy  or parking arrangements can change…even your place can become unavailable to you. Though a landlord is happiest when the property is inhabited, circumstances or choice may move to changing tenancy, having it vacant, or allowing a new owner to terminate the lease (after the original term has been fulfilled).

All for One and One for All
Leases are mutually beneficial. Unless you have extenuating circumstances that require more fluidity in your living arrangement (there are clauses in most leases for military service and lease breaks are not impossible), consider the benefits and safeguards of a lease. You just might sleep a little easier knowing…

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