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4 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental…and Get Your Security Deposit Back!

You found yourself a nice space--good location and the price is right. Security deposit paid and lease signed, how do you make someone else’s investment property into your home sweet home? What can you do to put your stamp on it, but still make sure you get your security deposit back?   Here are four amazing ways to decorate your space and add color without making any permanent modifications....

Top 10 Places You Lose Your Security Deposit

WHAT IS A SECURITY DEPOSIT? A security deposit is money you pay to the landlord to ensure that your property will return to rent-ready condition at the end of your lease term. The sum can vary from state to state, but is generally a month’s rent. The payment of the security deposit is a security to the landlord that you will abide by  your lease and care for the property while you are tenant; and...

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