Management Options For Your Investment Property

We pride ourselves on being a full-service property management company. To us that means that all the services that should be included are included, but also done with a personal touch. A friendly voice will greet you when you call. Our leasing agents is present at every showing to meet prospective tenants and keep and eye on your property and our agent performs the surveys at move in, lease renewal, and move out. We are hands on and heart into caring for your property.


Full Service

Here’s the quick list on what’s included in full service management:

Marketing and AdvertisingShowing the propertyTenant screeningSecurity deposit collectionLeasingRent CollectionTenant ManagementEmergency Service and online maintenance requests for tenantsProperty SurveysOwner payout and statements that are easy to read and tax prep friendly

For more on what is included in a full-service management agreement with Prestige Property Management, see here.

Major Benefits

One of the major benefits is all the time you save with the process of showing a property and screening tenants. When it’s busy, or you are busy with your life, keeping the ads current and managing the paperwork and correspondence can become overwhelming. Even if it only comes up a few times a year, it seems to come when things are already crazy. You can give yourself a break by handing that stress over to a property manager.

Another benefit of full service maintenance is getting our 13 years of experience and team building with our vendors without having to go through the headaches and growing pains. Through the years we have learned the questions to ask, the words to use, and the vendors that we can trust to get the work done right the first time. So many companies are happy to do quick fixes and make sure that they get call backs and repeat business. But we have established relationships with vendors that are honest and dedicated to solving the problem efficiently so that repeat calls are not necessary. Our discernment saves you money.


Rent Up Option

Another option that is available is to do our Rent Up program. If you actually enjoy the work of managing a property and “getting your hands dirty” caring for it; or if you have maintenance vendors that you appreciate working with, then you can do that part of the property maintenance yourself.

In the Rent Up program, we handle all the ins and outs of advertising, tenant screening, etc, through the lease signing for you. That means you only do the part that you like better. We take care of making sure the ads are attractive, clear, and up to date. We show the properties in person so you don’t have to. We screen the tenants and make sure you are in compliance with Fair Housing Standards (learn more about that here) and handle the lease signing. Once they get the keys, we will complete a move in survey and then the tenants are in your good hands until the end of the lease term when we perform a lease-renewal or move out survey. The maintenance, rent collection, and number crunching are up to you. It’s a great option if you’d like to have a more hands on role in your investment properties.

Side Note

If you choose to our Rent Up program, you get the same friendly voice on the other end of the phone and in-person showings and thorough tenant screening process and surveying as those who choose a full management contract. We trust that you can handle the maintenance. If you’re handy or trust someone who is, you’ll do fine with that. However, with the Rent Up program our management agreement limits our ability to go to bat for you if tenant relations get sticky. Full service management means we deal with all the headaches for you. Our Rent Up program is designed to take one of the major frustrations off your plate–the leasing process– but you have to handle late payments, notices, lease violations, and, heaven forbid, evictions.

You Have Options

We are here for you and we would love to work with you. You choose what and how many headaches you want us to handle for you and we’ll do it with a smile.

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