Renters’ Benefits to Working With Property Management

You’re looking for a place to live. You know the area you’d like and what you can afford. And so your search begins…


Consider the Landlord
There is one more thing you might want to factor in: the landlord.

You may want to think about who it is that you will be working with—a private individual; a family member or representative of the owner; or a property management company.

Though you may think that this will not end up affecting you at all, the landlord can become a big factor if something were to go wrong.  When working with private individuals, it is very hard to get any information about them—how quickly they respond, what others’ experiences have been, etc.

When you work with a property management company you have access to a lot more information: a better business bureau (BBB) rating, reviews, and other professional associations and standards. Property management also acts as an objective buffer between owner and tenant—keeping emotions out of situations so that they can be resolved as quickly and easily as possible. You should be guaranteed a higher level of professionalism.

Nothing seems like a big deal until it becomes one. Save yourself a headache and sign with a professional landlord.


Know Who You Are Dealing With
How do you determine a good property management company from a not-so-good one?

At Prestige Property Management, we know you just want a comfortable place to live; and that’s what we’d like to provide for you. We have an A+ rating with the BBB. We pride ourselves on our communication and response rate. We only used licensed, insured vendors to handle maintenance and repair–not just a friend or relative with no credentials.

We strive to give each tenant a great experience; and, we care. You are our job. We exist to make sure that you and the property you live in is safe and well-maintained.

We are also fair… Not only are we in compliance with Fair Housing standards, but we also take steps to protect you from unnecessary charges. We do this by taking pictures—lots of pictures—when you move in and when you move out. This documentation safeguards you from any false accusation of damage or being held responsible for something left by a previous tenant. We also invite you to be present during these surveys to point out issues you noticed that may have gone undetected. We give adequate notice and time for you to take care of any lease violations. We keep communication open—we are available by phone, email, text, and office visits. We are committed to the care of the properties we manage, and that includes YOU. Choosing to live in a property managed by a professional property management company is a smart move and can save you a lot of headaches and stress. Choosing Prestige Property Management means that you will be cared for and treated fairly.

Where you live is important to us. Give us a call to see our available properties.

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